Integrated Solutions Bring out the Best for You – Learn How with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Retail

Successful businesses have one thing in common and that is a fully integrated system in place where there is sharing of relevant information, data, and knowledge between departments. The CEOs and team leaders/managers of such organizations have access to all the information they need to strategize and generate reports for the company’s growth and success. A fully integrated workplace may sound a distant dream to achieve but with solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Retail, syncing different departments and having access to all relevant information is quite an achievable task.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Specifically designed and developed for small and medium-sized businesses, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application from Microsoft, a company that needs no introduction. Offering you assistance with finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management, supply chain, stock management, analytics and eCommerce, the application prepares you to take on more opportunities and helps you have a holistic view of your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central equips your organization to meet the changing needs of the business – be it for Financial Management / Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Operations, Tracking and Managing Production, Attending to Stock, taking care of orders, Vendor Relationship, Sales and Service, Exploring Sales Opportunities, Checking on Service Contracts, Project Management, Tracking Projects, Customer Relationship Management and much more. Making informed decisions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central becomes hassle-free.

Understanding LS Retail

With an option to deploy the solution on premise or on a cloud, LS Retail gives you the flexibility to choose how best you want to save data across your organization. A software platform that allows you to manage your business centrally helping you meet and anticipate fast-changing consumer habits. With LS Retail, documenting, identifying and analyzing data is quick and easy.

LS Retail can be deployed across retail channels to offer the customers a seamless experience no matter where and how they choose to shop – whether online or offline giving the customers exceptional service experience and pampering them with personalized deals and recommendations.

Not just retail, LS Retail has software solutions for the hospitality sector as well along with effective solutions for CEOs and CFOs.

LS Retail and its Benefits

The software helps you –

  • Manage your staff effectively
  • Always have the right products in-store
  • Enhance sales with up-selling and cross-selling tools linked to your POS
  • Avoid stock-outs
  • Keep an eye on shrinkages
  • Manage customer loyalty
  • Complete stock control across your chain
  • Central management of all the products, prices, offers and promotions
  • Control over franchisees and owned stores

LS Retail for CEOs and CFOs
Offering complete control over the business and ready access to employee performance, stock, customer relationship management, accounts etc. LS Retail allows CEOs and CFOs to manage their business hands-on.

With LS Retail as your company’s CEO, you can oversee the entire value chain and manage your business wherever you are, if the solution is deployed in the cloud. Meeting with competition and having an edge over them lets you grow your business faster.

Effective Finance Management is the lifeline for a business and the responsibility to ensure that the company’s finances are well managed is the sole responsibility of the company’s CFO. With LS Retail, as a CFO you are in a better position to analyze and understand your business data with one consolidated view of information. With visibility of all transactions from POS to accounting, access to stock management, reports on store performance, sales reports and statistics, profit and loss analysis and a detailed balance sheet, you are in a better position to strategize for company’s growth and success.

Technology if effectively used helps meet with challenges and makes your business future ready. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Retail, your business is equipped for success and growth.


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