Creating a Robust CRM for Automotive – ELVA DMS

Elva DMS is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central based Automotive industry ERP solution which comes with a host of benefits for the automobile industry. From empowering you with managing your finances to inventory management to vendor relationship, it also helps you with an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to increase client loyalty and offering them with spectacular customer service.

The Need for Customer Relationship Management in Automotive Industry
No business can survive without customer relationship management. CRM forms an important key to any business. After all, Customer is the King. When it comes to the automobile industry, the role of CRM is significant keeping in mind the huge competition between the new and used car availability. Another important fact that holds true for the automotive industry is that the frequency of repeat purchase is not at par with other industries but as and when the customer is ready for buying another automobile, based on the customer service he receives from the brand he owns plays an important factor in his decision making for his new vehicle.

Factors that Determine Customer Loyalty in an Automotive Industry

  • Trust
  • On time service delivery
  • Promptness in taking care of repair work
  • Proactive help from the company
  • Quick and easy replacements of spare parts

ELVA DMS Provides the Best CRM Solution

Amongst the numerous CRM solutions available in the market today, Elva DMS stands tall with features that make CRM effective and apt for the automotive industry. The CRM offered by Elva DMS for vehicle sales and service includes a number of operations that come into effect to track interactions with contacts, customers and the vehicles they own. Based on the vehicle age, brand and engine type, Elva DMS allows you to segment the contact database with you and also target your marketing and other initiatives to prospective customers.

The CRM solutions offered by Elva DMS are designed to help you win customer loyalty along with enhancing your sales.

Elva DMS and Loyalty Management

With Elva DMS, you can create customized discount policies for your chosen client or set of clients apart from setting up discounts for certain items for a specified period of time. When the contract ends, the solution automatically revises the price list so there is no discrepancy in the pricing set and the offer period it is supposed to be active for.

Gauging Customer Satisfaction

With Elva DMS you can conduct surveys to assess client satisfaction. This feature helps you improvise on the products and services you have to offer. The survey can be built in two ways –

  • Manually filled list
  • Filling it up in the system with recorded data

CRM Add-Ons

Elva DMS further offers Contact Management and Interaction Management solution as well. These together strengthen the CRM solution as all three of them are interdependent on each other.

The Contact Management for Automotive Industry by Elva DMS helps with recording contacts of all external entities like – customers, vendors and prospective customers in the system under ‘contact’. Any duplication of entry is highlighted thus saving on time, effort and possible errors. The program has an innate feature of helping you classify all of your customers on the basis of your specified criteria. This feature helps while executing campaigns.

With the Interaction Management solution, you can keep a tab on all the interactions that you have with your contacts – meetings, telephone calls, emails, and letter. All of the documents can be attached to interactions in the form of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or .txt files. The most remarkable feature is that every single document that you send to your contact is logged and the same can be retrieved later if need be. The contact card helps you call your contacts if there is an access of a telecom device being connected to the system. The contact card also enables Skype calls.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has been helping industry across categories with effective and customized ERP solutions. Each of the ERP solutions is aimed towards helping you enhance your business syncing different departments within your organization thus making the sharing and accessing of relevant data, reports and information hassle free and in real time. Elva DMS by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has been specifically created to empower the automotive industry.


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