Optimize your output with MS Dynamics NAV and LS Retail

LS NAV offers a solution to complete retail management – from head office to POS terminals. It is developed on the strong foundation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV which is an unmatched Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution specially designed for small and medium-sized companies/organizations. Together, both the solutions can help you optimize your business output.

Understanding the need

Where Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to sync and enhance all of the Finance, Sales & Marketing, Warehousing & Service functionality, LS NAV seamlessly integrates all of the retail POS transactions. Together, both these solutions help –

  • Track the production, inventory, orders and suppliers/vendors
  • Manage the production, inventory, orders and suppliers/vendors
  • Help manage the sales and marketing campaigns
  • Help manage the contacts and enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Empower you to have a global connect as they are developed to use multiple currencies and languages

Understanding Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Offering an integrated and adaptable business solution, Microsoft NAV is designed to empower you to take business decisions with confidence. The solution is designed to integrate with existing business systems hence streamlining your business processes becomes simple. Since it works like any other Microsoft product, training employees to use it becomes easy without too much investment in terms of time and effort.

Understanding LS Retail

LS Retail is an End-to-End Retail Solution that is powered by Microsoft NAV. It is designed to take care of multiple functions thus helping you avoid investing in different applications to run your retail business. This single application covers not just the brick and mortar store (which includes integrating POS terminal, store systems, inventory, merchandising) but also integrates with your headquarters and all the back office functions.  Because of this integration, you can track individual transactions from the POS to General Ledger. Further, this makes it possible for you to have access to other parts of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV application such as Finance, Sales and Marketing, Warehousing, and Service. This means that you and your team need to only become familiar with one interface across all levels.

No matter the nature of your business, LS Retail is created to help you have a hands-on approach to your business irrespective of the geographical boundaries. You can track sales, inventory, and productivity in real time across your sales channel – offline and online.  The application can be effectively put to use while planning of procurements. Besides being able to run through the historical data to plan the volume, you can also gauge demand for various products, processing of discounts and executing pricing during special campaigns. All of this can be executed centrally and each store / online channel then accordingly reflects the change without you having to manually share an update.

To encapsulate, LS NAV helps you with –

  • Minimizing risk and maximizing profits
  • Tracking sales, stock and productivity in real time from across all sales channels – brick and mortar, eCommerce and mCommerce
  • This further enables to take corrective measures/bring in a change in real time
  • Having a check on vendor supply and performance
  • Keeping a track on inventory management and optimizing the same
  • Replenishing out of stock goods or goods that are in demand

LS Retail is a must have for efficient retail management of your offline and online store/ presence. Coordination between the stores and head office is essential for timely decisions and employee productivity. With LS Retail, you have real-time information on what is happening at the store, you can gauge the movement of goods and act in real time when it comes to replenishing stocks. Pilferages too can be controlled with LS Retail in place as you have complete control on store merchandise, billing, and the inventory. Thus LS Retail can be called as a complete retail management system and together with Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can optimize your output and ensure a profitable business.