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A Solution managing all fields of automotive industry

ELVA DMS is flexible and easy to use business solution for automotive industry, covering wide range functionality, such as: vehicle service management, vehicle trade and CRM, spare part sales and inventory management, etc. ELVA DMS is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions – Navision).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – international integrated business management software for midsize companies. More than 65,000 companies in 150 countries use this software in their everyday work. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is used by more than 1,000,000 users worldwide.

Key Benefits

Top Features

ELVA DMS solution is designed for automotive industry and it fully supports all business processes of vehicle dealers, workshops and service companies, used card traders, vehicle importers and spare part traders.

Vehicle Sales

  • solution for selling used vehicles with special VAT and Trade-in;

  • sales documents – offers, orders, prepayment invoices, security deposit invoices, bills printouts;

  • printout of a contract and vehicle specification, a request for pre-sales service.

  • catalogues and prices of vehicles, VIN decoding, vehicle assembly and price calculation, different bill-to options;

  • calculation of vehicle prime cost, considering all extra costs like taxes, registration, pre-sales preparation;

  • vehicle history – previous owners, service deals, warranties, tracking, reserving etc.

Customer relations management (CRM)

  • setup and tracking actions of vehicle sales person/manager from the first customer contact to vehicle sales;

  • complete integration with vehicle trade module;

  • selecting and segmentation of contact persons prior to campaigns, questionnaires or for newsletters and SMS interactions;

  • selection of contact persons by requisites, replies during questionnaires, fields of activity, customers’ vehicles and terms of backorder;

  • easy management of vehicle sales person/manager daily activities and their efficiency analysis, automated analysis of customers satisfaction.

Spare parts sales

  • producer’s catalogues, items – linked to vehicle models, warehouse shelf management;

  • integrated functionality of spare parts ordering and reservation – calculation of purchase plan by seasonality, min/max quantities, item turnover in previous periods and other conditions;

  • elimination of a non-marketable warehouse,lost sales analysis;

  • periodical import of producer catalogues and prices amendments, translations, item number replacements;

  • prices and discounts for items depending on the contract, campaign, order type (quick delivery), vehicle status, payment method, discount group.

Service management

  • standard times of vehicle manufacturers and own catalogues of works;

  • service package link-up to vehicle model;

  • information about vehicle owner, service history, warranties, insurance;

  • automatic spare parts ordering, tracking status of ordered spare parts, tracking and control of registered spare parts;;

  • invoices to insurers, warranty settlements, management of backorders;

  • mechanics working hours accounting and used/sold hours efficiency measurement;

Service planner

  • on-line workshop management – schedule of service time fully allowing to organize service work, plan demo/rent cars, manage equipment and resources capacity;

  • information about service capacity, operation grade, efficiency of mechanics, control functions of service work closing time.

“The system includes all functionality and accounting of spare parts warehouse we need – orders formation, price calculation, warehouse control, item sales. Warehouse turnover from often sold items to “deadstock” is excellent”.

Eriks Birks, Administrative Manager and Member of the Board of SIA “Musa motors Riga”

Accountancy functionality adjusted to automotive industry specifics

  • calculation of vehicle prime cost considering all costs;

  • specific VAT for used vehicles and its automatic correct displaying in VAT declaration;

  • automatic re-posting of advance payments;

  • integrated customers catalogues with vehicles and after-sales departments, duplicates control;

  • cost allocation between insurance company, customer and/or manufacturer’s warranty

  • debtors control, automatic reminders;

  • workshop employees salary calculation for payroll module

ELVA DMS is used by different international make dealers and service workshops, such as:

Want to efficiently manage the whole business process of your Automotive Industry? We are happy to help you!

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